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Magnafolate® PRO - The best folate in the world!

Magnafolate® PRO is the purest and most potent folate in the world according to a series of tests. It has 36 months longer shelf life, 40% higher efficiency compared to the generic folic acid and also significantly reduces the health risks. 


What is folate?

Vitamin B9 (5-MTHF) is an essential nutrient that mainly is present as folate and folic acid in different forms that are interconverted during metabolism. Folate can promote the maturation of red blood cells, improve the level of endurance during exercise, and prevent pernicious anemia. However, the loss of dietary folate in food is about 80% after processing.


How does it differ from Folic Acid? 

Folic acid is a synthetic form of vitamin B9, that does not exist in nature and has no vitamin activity. It must be metabolized by enzymes before it can be used by the body.


Potential dangers of Folic Acid

A large proportion of the population have a genetic enzyme deficiency that prevents the proper conversion of folic acid into L-methylfolate. Taking a folic acid supplement is of no benefit to someone that cannot convert folic acid properly. 

• It disrupts the transport and metabolism of natural folates
• Folic Acid increases Health problems for people treated with leukemia, arthritis, clogged arteries and abnormal pregnancies.
• Increase risk of Coronary Heart Disease.
• Unabsorbed Folic Acid in the the human body will take 20 years to manifest. 


What is Magnafolate®

Magnafolate® is the patent protected C crystalline L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium salt (L-5-MTHF Ca), which is invented by Jinkang Pharma from China in 2012. The stable structure of the C-crystal form leads to less compound impurities, higher efficiency, longer shelf life and gives better appearance. 

Magnafolate® is the purest folate on the planet with values above 99% while the competition is at 97,5%. This means less amounts of impurities such as other folates, residues from breakdown and oxidation and other products.* 

It has 36 times longer shelf life compared to the generic L-methylfolate (also called amorphous or non-crystalline type). Magnafolate® C is also the only type of L-methylfolate can be stable at Climatic zone IV B (30° ±2, 75 % RH ±5 %. 3 year study, still ongoing).

It absorbs directly (it is an active form of Folate that doesn’t require metabolism).
It is even effective for people with MTHFR mutations. 

Highest content of L-5-MTHF available (>85%). 6S-5-MTHF Gluocosamine Salt contains only
ca 65% of that, which means that the substance needed to reach the same active amount of
L-5-MTHF is ca 35% lower than that of 6S-5-MTHF Gluocosamine Salt.

Magnafolate comparison folic acid

Although it is effective for many purposes, Magnafolate® is especially designed with pregnancies in mind.  



Health Benefits

• Protects Prenatal & Infertility
• Good for mental health and brain
• Improves cognition
• Enhance production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, all linked to mood regulation
• Get rid of the toxin by recycling homocysteine to methionine
• Repairs ongoing DNA damage, and regulates the utilization of DNA.

The safest alternative to Folic Acid


MTHFR Mutation

• MTHFR gene mutations, stress, and other biological variations can limit the body’s ability to convert synthetic folic acid into the active form of folate.
• Over 30% of the global population has a genetic mutation to MTHFR, specifically C677T. 
• Prevents the body to convert folic acid to active folate.

Foot note: What is the MTHFR Gene?

Key advantages of Magnafolate

• Active form of Folate that doesn’t require metabolism.
• Bypasses MTHFR Polymorphism.
• Does not lead to unmetabolized folic acid in blood.
• Stable for 3 years.
• Purity at package open
• Ensuring the safety for all folate consumers
• Essential Prenatal Nutrient
• NDI registered with the FDA, as number #920.
• Meets Regulation (EU) 2017/2470 


Magnafolate® compared to 6S-5-MTHF Gluocosamine Salt 

In comparable stability reports*, 6S-5-MTHF Gluocosamine Salt increases it’s impurities conciderably more than Magnafolate®. The tests were conducted over a 15 day period. During this period 6S-5-MTHF Gluocosamine Salt increased from 2,89% impurities to 23,87% while Magnafolate increased from 0,22% to 0,36%. 

Magnafolate® is absorbed slowly in the body, to ensure a smooth plasma concentration of L-5-MTHF in the body. 6S-5-MTHF Gluocosamine Salt will, according to study, dissolve quickly. This will increase the plasma concentration och L-5-MTHF extremely fast but it will decrease sharply after one hour. Such unstable folate concentration is not good for the customer. 

*) Made by SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Services Co. LTD.


Global market

Since it’s start, Magnafolate® has been widely recognized by the international market for its superior quality.

It sells all over the world, including the US, EU, AU, Canada, Iran and so on.



• NDI status (New Dietary Ingredient) with the FDA, registered as number #920
• Meets regulation (EU) 2017/2470 regarding novel foods
• Food safety management – ISO 22000
• Halal and Kosher certified
• Quality management systems – ISO 9001
• Environmental management – ISO 14001
• Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series – OHSAS 18001
• It is protected by 80 patents all over the world until now.


Three exclusive strengths of Magnafolate® 

• The Most stable
With the unique C crystal form, Magnafolate® is the only one thar is stable at IVB zone* with 3 years stability data support. Except Jinkang, all the rest generic L-5-MTHF Ca belongs to amorphous type which is not stable.

• The Purest
The producer Jinkang controls all potential risky impurity into the smallest assay by a special technology and avoid using some high toxicity raw material, for example formaldehyde & borohydride, during the production process.

• The Safest
In comparison tests between known folic substances no one else comes even close to the minimal risk that Magnafolate® has. 



Want to see for your self?

Put it to the test in your own production and see for yourself!

You can now order a sample bag of Magnafolate® PRO. Just contact us through the form below and we’ll get back to you regarding the shipping details.
The sample bag contains 10 grams of Magnafolate®.